Building The Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Odd Rocket Winner 

Flying Sunday, July 15, 2012 at LDRS-31
Motor: N3300 AEROTECH Redline
Giant 5-ft wide Megalodon Shark Jaw attached to a 7-ft tall, 10-inch wide rocket that look like a scared fish thats about to be eaten. Add the red flame and it will look like blood trailing the beast.
Apogee Deployment of a 24-ft Rocketman Parachute.

Nose cone will come down on its own 4-ft Rocketman parachute.

Inspired by the real Meg Jaw I stood in at the Tucson, AZ Fossil Mineral Show
There used to be a company called BC Bones that originally made this but they have been out of business for years and I had this model sitting around for years. What a great excuse to make a cool rocket out of this!!

LDRS 2012 Megaloson Shark Jaw Rocket
All pieces laid out and ready for assembly.
Cut from 1-inch thick plywood.

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Set of teeth completed

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Attaching 1 set of lower jaw teeth

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Preparing other set of teeth

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Attaching 2nd set of lower jaw teeth

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Hammering teeth in place

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Lower jaw completed
This part now needs to be epoxied - thinking dark brown teeth with lighter brown for jaw for eventual realistic paint scheme.


Following day - a lot of progress.
Basic components of the jaw are completed.

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Rear view of Megalodon Shark Jaw.

LDRS 2012 Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Attaching this to the THUMPER is going to be quite a feat.

Next week we paint this jaw.

Above is the artwork (by Dave Rose) for the booster section.

Below is a rendering of extended 1/2 plywood fins and support beams.
Still trying to figure out the best way to attach this beast.


The biggest problem I encountered with the build of this rocket was how was I going to attach the huge Meg Jaws to the rocket itself. I designed an extended fin from the original Polecat Aerospace Thumper design. Pictured below is the original fin next to the new outline of the new fin. 1/2 inch plywood was used for the new fin.


Below is a movie of me cutting the fins and comparing it to the original that came with the kit.


Next Day - Fin Attachment

Before we attach the fins we have to build up the motor tube with centering rings, u-bolts and threaded rods.

Above - threaded rods attached to Centering Rings.

The fin slots need to be widened to fit the 1/2 inch plywood fins.
See movie below:



First fin is attached with epoxy.

Second fin is attached.

Third fin is attached.

All four fins now attached.

OK - the first test - the Meg Jaws now resting on the attached fins.

Close-up of fins used as a cradle.

Fin fillets are applied.

Just after fins fiberglassed to motor tube.

Interior of airframe where the motor tube, unistrut rail button base and fins were fiberglassed using West Systems Epoxy.

First coat of "primer" paint.


Video of applying the first coat of a darker brown "base" paint.



Applying fin fillets to the main booster.


Sanding the fins and airframe.


Pre Mega Foaming the interior of Rocket.


Mega Foam has filled in the aft section of the rocket strengthening the fins and airframe.


Primer Paint on the Booster


Sanded down rocket after primer.

Going to work on the aft section next

Happy that I finally painted the booster.

Fish Decals ready and will be applied this weekend.

Finished Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket
Finished Megalodon Shark Jaw Rocket